Take it personal | Personal Gift Ideas

“You don’t always have to speak in order to be heard.”

Monogram has been around for as long as most of us can recall. What started off as a way for Ivy League students to keep track of their laundry, now has transformed to people initialing any and everything you can imagine. I too have fallen into the monogram and customization craze of garments and goods.  It is a special feeling you receive when you see your name, logo, or symbol on your favorite items. Over the course of running Gents Among Men I have managed to personally interact with brands that offer customization options my personal use.
Below are a few brands that I’ve worked with to give you some personal holiday gift ideas. 

  • Bison Made –  Keeping the all-American tradition going Bison Made uses nothing but the best materials for their all leather goods.Using some of the country’s oldest tanneries, Bison Made offers an artisan collection of premium leather goods ranging from wallets, belts and phones cases. One thing you can count on is the *Chromexcel tanned leather will age very well over time. I have had the No.3 wallet for over two + months and it still manages to hold it’s whiskey color and lifetime guaranteed construction.  



  1. Iphone case – I am using on my phone drafting ideas or emailing clients, so a slim case was a well considered need for me. I worked with Skinit. This Ink fusion lite case is a cool way of expressing your personality, family photo, or in my case, brand logo everywhere you go.
  2. Cufflinks – Most people say men shouldn’t wear too much jewelry and that it should remain simple. Where I somewhat agree with the first statement I highly agree with the latter. I tend to wear suits often and while customizing EVERY suit isn’t in my budget I look for other ways to add a personal touch. I met Auburn Jewelry owner, Samantha Levine last year and a holiday shopping event. While adding a few french cuffs shirts into my wardrobe, I thought what better way to spark brand awareness and style than through a pair of sterling custom cufflinks 
  3. Flask – Most times when I decide to enjoy a cigar at on of my favorite bars it is usually BYOB. I don’t travel with a bottle of Ilegal Mezcal or Troy and Sons Whiskey on me but I do at times carry a flask. Izola offers a  5oz stainless customizable steel flask for the spirit drinker on the go. 



Bison Made // No.3 Card Wallet (sponsored)

Auburn Jewelry // Cufflinks

Skin it // Iphone Case

Izola // Flask