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After dealing with the madness of Black Friday, it is safe to say, “Holiday shopping isn’t easy.” People are fighting for sizes, the season sales staff are stressed-out and aggravated (I use to work retail, so I know the pain), and you are smothered with angry and testy shoppers all trying to find a gift within their price range. In order to make things easier I decided to reach out to a few brands that I’ve worked with in the past to list their curated gift guide for the special someone in your life.

No lines, no stress just online shopping and hot chocolate in bed.

Featured Brand: Bespoke Post


image001 (1)


1.       JL Lawson Custom Corkscrew

2.       Chateau Laguiole Olive Wood Corkscrew

3.       Cenellino Wine Aerator and Decanter

4.       Cocktail Kingdom 55mm Ice Ball Maker

5.       Spieglau Stout Glass, Set of Two

6.       Sempli Cupa Rocks Tumblers

7.       Sempli Cupa Walnut Tray

8.       Jack + Mulligan Waxed Canvas Redford Flask

9.       Ilegal Mezcal Mezcal Anejo

Everything you would probably need to get intoxicated, Bespoke Post has it. Whether you are a spirit drinker on the go with a Jack + Mulligan Flask, or at home with a bottle of Anejo from Ilegal Mezcal. Bespoke Post has it.

*All items listed can be found at

Featured Brand: George T Stagg 


You can’t go wrong with getting a bottle of fantastic and difficult to get whiskeys.  This hearty aged-whiskey from George T Stagg has won too many awards to count and comes straight out of the charred-oak barrel uncut and unfiltered. The taste is rich and intense with a surprisingly smooth finish, despite its high alcohol content.

Where to Buy: Wine 

Featured Brand: Ultimat Vodka 


 The only vodka made with wheat, rye and potato has partnered up with wine glass maker, Riedel to create the first ever vodka tasting glass and gift set* to enjoy this holiday season. Not a vodka on ice type of drinker? The Ultimat Vodka team provided a more creative way for you to enjoy Ultimat Vodka in a more  seasonal way with their winter cocktail. See below: 

The Ultimat Frost 

  • 2 oz Ultimat vodka
  • 1/2 maple Syurp 
  • 3oz steamed milk

Serve in a cocktail mug with a peppermint stick for garnish and enjoy.

*Gift set available via 1.877.SPIRITS