Terry Crews Shows His Manhood


 One of the most masculine portrayed actors wants to change your mind on what MANHOOD truly means.

In his new book titled,  Manhood: How to Be A Better Man – Or Just Live With One Terry Crews discusses topics on feminism, the problems with modern day masculinity, and supporting the feminist cause. Mr. Crews has played various roles in cinema, but most of those seem to fall between comedy or action. His most notable action role would be in the Expendables Series. He plays the muscle bound, Caesar who loves his machine guns. In his new TV series, Brooklyn 99, he plays a bulky sergeant who gets panic attacks every time he thinks about getting killed and leaving his wife and daughters behind. Total opposites. Not to far from his character in Brooklyn 99, in the media Terry Crews has always been a loving and caring father. His BET reality show, Family Crews, gave us a glimpse inside the Crews’s household and who Terry is as a man.

In interviews Terry Crews has always openly expressed the love and support for his wife as well as his personal views on feminism, so it comes as no surprise that he is addressing the same topic inside his book. 

Below is an excerpt below from his book on feminism:

I think the big thing about feminism is that it scares men because, you know—the big deal is that people are scared of being controlled…I want to be clear that feminism is not saying “women are better than men.” That’s not what’s going on…What it is is that we’re talking about gender equality, true gender equality…but the problem is that men have always felt like they’re more valuable…I have been that guy where I felt I was more valuable than my wife and kids. -Terry Crews


Terry also goes into how the perceptions of masculinity hurt men and can actually be somewhat of a prison for many of us mentally.

In conclusion the book is a good, easy read. Terry Crews proves again you do not have to be a genius in order to speak on what it takes on towards being a man. You just need fair view on gender equality and good amount of common sense. 

 Images via galvanized.com