Zapping a Zit

Do you remember how excited you were for your High School prom, and the morning of the big night you grew a second head on your face? Okay, maybe your zit wasn’t that big but still…it’s a zit. We all hate them, they really can bring down your mood and make you feel really self-conscious. Zits occur due to various reason: stress, diet, hormones, trapped oil under the skin, etc. There are a few common ways to get rid of a pimple, but most of these DIY methods can result in scars, blemishes and long term damage to your skin.

Here are a couple over-the-counter products you can use towards getting rid of a zip properly.

aveenoThe great thing about Hydrocortisone cream is it will calm down the inflammation and flatten out the pimple. The bad thing about this cream is it will damage the skin if you use it too often. Best advice only use this if you need your pimple zapped ASAP.

300For something that is less intense you should opt for something with a high amount of Benzoyl Peroxide. Benzoyl Peroxide helps kill bacteria that hides deep inside pimples. You can find most creams on the market will hold a normal 5% of Benzoyl, but if you need something more intense, Persa-Gel contains a good amount of Benzoyl Peroxide (roughly around 10%).  

Forget the DIY theories

Many dermatologist will say stay away from the following methods for getting rid of a zit:

  • Don’t pop them – this leads to more scars and larger pores that leaves you skin open for more acne 
  • Toothpaste and aspirin are bad ideas. this two urban myths can create a burn on the skin