Suit Simplicity | TV Host Wears the same suit for a year


It took a year before anyone could notice Australian TV host, Karl Stefanovic (above) wore the same suit everyday while on the air. What started off as the one month long same-suit sexism experiment, grew until the news broke today. While some people are turning up their nose towards what Karl did (and probably the thought of how that suit smelled), I applaud Mr. Stefanovic. Mr. Stefanovic proved the unfortunate obvious when it comes to the hierarchy of gender in the workplace, and the power of suit simplicity. 

The peak lapels, lavish pockets squares and lapel pins that we love to wear are great when we are making a statement, but when it comes down to what are people really focusing on when they see or speak to you is another topic. Karl spoke with FairFax Media on why he decided to start this experiment:

“I’ve worn the same suit on air for a year — except for a couple of times because of circumstance — to make a point,” Stefanovic told Fairfax Media. “Women are judged much more harshly and keenly for what they do, what they say and what they wear.” – Karl Stefanovic 


Source: News Corp Australia

People do care only when you allow them to notice. What I mean by that is this: Before you head out to pick up your first or next suit, instead of going for that pantone color of the season ask yourself the Karl Stefanovic question: Can I get away with wearing this suit for any entire year without people noticing?

This is why at Gents Among Men and many other fashion blogs, we stress the importance of purchasing a classic navy or a charcoal grey colored suit as your first. High and low hues, bold stripes and gingham pattern shirts all look great when you have a solid canvas to work with. The options are endless with a solid canvas, and this is what you should consider you suit as.

When you are trying to blend in, tone it down. Allow someone to be able to just focus on who you and what you are saying instead of what you have on. It worked for TV host Karl Stefanovic I am pretty sure it is possible for you. 

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