Your Personal Valet

brooksbrother stand

The mornings are always a drag. No one really loves getting up out of bed just to deal with the commute,the public, and our bosses. The worse thing besides having to get up and deal with all of that is having to sort out your clothes as well in the morning. In order to make things easier for you in the AM, consider investing in a Valet.

Often referred to as the “Gentleman’s Valet,” this sturdy, yet masculine piece of furniture allows you to slip on and off your garments with ease. Most stands are suitable enough in size for you to keep by the front door of your home, or in the corner of your bedroom without taking up a lot of space. During your online search for your personal valet, you may find some stands will come in metal finish whereas others are made with cedar like the one featured from Brooks Brothers. I say stick with the wood. The cedar absorbs sweat and allows your clothes to breathe after a long day.

I always appreciate looking good, but I am a bigger fanatic of maintaining the quality of my garments, and with a Valet, I am able to get the best of both.

Other Options

Left – Kings Brand Kings Brand Walnut Finish Solid Wood Suit Valet Rack Stand Organizer  //  RightFrenchi Home Furnishing Men’s Valet Stand