Small Price to Pay for a lot of Attention


“Time is one thing that can never be retrieved.” – Winston Churchill

We will never be able to retrieve the time lost but at least we can be on time for what is to come. A man’s wristwatch is a representation of his style, his taste and personality. This is why some men are inclined to have more than one timepiece in their collection. We like variety in all things so multiple wristwatches are expected. Most men have at least one of the following: a business, leisure, sports, casual and a statement piece in their watch assortment. I have one of each, but there is one watch that’s manage gain the most attention.


image (1)

The Pebble Beach Pimp Le Gold Digital Watch from Original Penguin was inspired by James Bond’s first digital watch, featured in the opening scene of, Live and Let DieAfter four+ years of having this watch I still cannot stop looking at it. I think it was worth paying a small price to pay for a lot of attention. At least that’s what the flashing ticker says. Like most relationships it all usually starts off a small common interest: cigars, whiskey, cars, shoes, etc. I’ve met a lot of people because of this watch, but one of the most respected relationships I’ve gain thus far was with Matthew Miller aka @SunflowerMan




Matthew Miller is an talented artist that has found his niche illustrating everyone and everything menswear. Matthew was working on a idea for his site called, The 100 Watch Project. People could submit a picture of their watch, Matthew would draw and add it to the project. After my submission of the Penguin watch, Mr. Miller and I remain in contact and supported one another’s projects and ideas through social media. We met for the first time at an event and bonded so organically that when he needed a place to stay for a business trip in NYC, I housed him during his time here. We both were able to learn more about one another’s past and share stories of our lives over his favorite drink, coffee. Everyday Matt and I spent time together I realized I sub-consciously I wore the same timepiece he illustrated for his project.

One thing that I’ve realized over the years with buying various watches is this: the most valuable timepieces are not the ones that cost the most, but the ones that tell priceless stories. 

Photography | Noffar Gat