A few items to keep in your bag


For many of us work is non-stop process. Whether it is creating your own brand or working a 9-5, you may find yourself working in the office working until the sun comes up or simply crashing on a friend’s couch nearby. We’ve all been there before. You never know what the day may bring or where it may take you, so it is wise to be prepared as much as you possibly can. Below are a few items we think are necessary to carry inside your small duffle or briefcase that can help you deal with those unexpected long days. 

  • Always keep a clean shirt handy. Especially when traveling. Spills, unexpected stains, or just sweat can kill your whole level of confidence. 
  • If you are attending a meeting or just sharing thoughts over coffee with a colleague, always have a notebook and pen handy. 
  • Let’s say your five o’clock shadow is starting to look more like a half-past-15 ‘o clock shadow. It might be time for a shave. A traveling skincare/grooming kit is the ideal companion to keep at your desk or your duffle suitcase.

Where to buy

  1. Shirt – Heights + Kenchi
  2. Notebook & Fountain Pen – Sold exclusively for Bespoke Post as part of their  September’s “Frontier Box”
  3. Skincare Tool Kit – Ernest Supplies