Mr. Black Wants you to Care for your clothes


You’ve probably experienced from time to time enjoying a delicious meal and when it is time to leave you end up carrying along with the doggy bag, the smell of the restaurant with you. Many small restaurants have very little ventilation in them, so all of the tasty sandwiches and cultural foods you love become attached to your clothing. I’ve experienced this mainly inside of cigar bars. As much as it is part of the culture to carry the smell of cigar smoke with you as you are leaving. Waking up to the smell of a Nat Sherman Timeless cigar is another story. You could always invest in a 10-minute wash system, but that may not be in your financial goals this month.

The founder of Mr. Black Garment Essentials created an affordable and effective solution for those everyday odorous encounters. Mr. Black Garment Essentials premium garment care products are designed to keep your clothes clean and looking great without causing unnecessary damage. Washing your clothes is great for getting rid of smells and stains, but laundry products contain harsh enzymes, boosters and other chemicals that cause intense wear on garments. I decided to ask Mr. Black to provide a few tips on which he feels is the best way to care for your garments.



Five Tips Towards Getting Clean

  1. Ditch dry-cleaning. Silks can be washed on with Mr. Black Delicate wash , wools should be washed in cold on their own cycle and laid out to dry on a towel, and linen is a strong fiber so can also be washed with cotton.
  2. Soap first. Start the wash cycle, then add your Mr. Black wash, and finally pop your clothes in as the machine is halfway full.
  3. You can usually wash garments with leather trim (including patches, trims, and collars).
  4. Don’t wash your jeans often, and never put them in the freezer. The freezer is for peas and ice cream only! Keep your jeans odor free with Mr. Black‘s Denim refresh.
  5. For fall workout gear, avoid the dryer. Keep your garments fresh between cleans with Mr. Black Sports wash and refresh.