Keeping A Good Eye

intense eye creamIf you think that facial moisturizer that you’ve been applying under your eyes will save you the time and money? Think again.We all want to maintain a certain level of youth, but as we get older and those long nights of work and partying to hard start to catch up to us, it takes an effect on not just our body but our face. 

A daily facial moisturizer is essential but eye creams/serums are just as important, if not more, than for your face. The skin under your eyes is thinner than the rest of your face, so it requires an extra bit of TLC. Eye Serums are made from smaller molecules designed to penetrate quicker and deeper into the skin to reduce: puffiness, discoloration and fine lines that occurs over time. Most eye creams on the market are packed with antioxidants and minerals but one should look for a special ingredient called, Sirtuins.

Sirtuins help promote younger and fuller skin. You can find sirtuins in a few brands such as: Clinique for Men, Anthony Logistic, and ClarinsMen but we are really enjoying this eye gel serum from the bio-cosmeceutical technology based company, Immunocologie. Pricier than most but it will last quite so time. Just small dab under your eye holds enough power to reduce any redness or swelling from the night before. 

Immunocologie |  Intense Eye Crème – $175

We also recommend:

Anti-fatigue cooling eye gel ($28, .5 oz.) by Clinique for Men,; Continuous Moisture Eye Cream Anti-Aging ($33, .75 oz.) by Anthony Logistic,; Anti-fatigue eye serum ($29.50, .7 oz.) by ClarinsMen,