Embracing the Scuffs

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A few days ago I assisted a woman with getting her stroller down the Subway stairs. In the process of doing so I managed to scuff up my double monk shoes from Johnston and Murphy. The life of a gentleman is tough. I stopped at a local cobbler to see if they could fix or cover up the scrape. That was a fail. I finally met with the client who happens to be a good friend of mine, Kenchi, owner of the menswear shop, The Standing Room by Heights and Kenchi located here in NYC. As we spoke on a few ideas, I couldn’t help but think about that abrasion on my shoe. I ended up telling him what happen and after he laughed at me for being dramatic, he told me this: 

“Embrace the scuff. The scuffs bring character and the more you develop better character the more scuffs you will notice.” -Kenchi 

Clearly my first reaction was, sure okay character, scuffs, blah blah blah, but after I removed my emotions out of the situation and stared at my shoes one last time, I thought to myself, he was right. The scuff does bring a bit of character to the shoes. As we grow and become better in life we will notice more inadequacies and mistakes that we had to work on in order to become an improved version of who were in the past. I started to think about myself and what would I consider an “imperfection.” Standing only at 5’6 maybe my height is a limitation, or maybe is it just another way for me to be creative when I need to reach for taller items in my apartment?  

We all have a few scuffs and imperfections about ourselves that give us character. Character can take you places money can’t, and at times we try to cover up, surgically remove or alter those flaws instead of embracing them. We tend to get so involved with society’s idea of what is perfect that we lose our uniqueness, our individuality the characteristic that allows us to stand out within the crowd. 

Take it from Kenchi and like my monk strap shoes, be proud of the scuffs that life gives you and embrace your individuality. When it come down to it in reality that’s all you really have in this world. 

What would you consider to be an imperfection about yourself? Leave a comment below