Five Questions: Dillon Burke (@threadsalt)


If you don’t know who Dillon Burke is, you should. In my opinion he is one of the coolest guys in the world. He runs a delicious blog, Thread & Salt, which focuses on mainly on style and food, and he is a social media consultant to some of the top food and beverage companies. I had the pleasure in meeting Dillon a few years back and since we’ve manage to run into each other at various social events. The thing about Dillon I’ve always admired is, he is fearless in his style. He wears what he wants and it always looks great in it because he doesn’t dress for anyone but himself.  A trend setter in the making. 

dillon4What is Thread and Salt? 

Dillon: I’ve always said it is a marriage of my worlds, and it is. But honestly – it is just about developing a palate and developing style. Pretty risotto & quality footwear.

 When did you fall in love with food?

 Dillon: It’s in my blood – sort of born into food. Father a chef, mother a devout home cook… it was always there. Stories of me eating handfuls of cheerios are a child surface regularly – normally at family events where I’m following suit, but now with cheese and fancy crackers. hah!

 Chinos or jeans?

Dillon- Jeans, mostly jeans.

 Where do you mostly shop and why?

 Dillon: It’s impossible to say. I’ve really navigated away from shopping at specific stores and now pull pieces from all over. I can say with confidence however, that my last few core pieces have been from J.Press York Street – I think a few of their pieces can really be played up and down. Their fit aligns with my body type and their sales are incredible. 

 Why do you feel food and fashion go hand and hand?

 Dillon: I think they’re both heavily about aesthetic & they’re both fun hobbies. At first, with both, there is so much thought that goes into things. Whether you’re seeking the perfect flavor profile to pair with a BBQ vinda-loo sauce or the right shoe laces to slide into your new brogues… it’s about the initial thought process. Once you’ve got the right pairing – you’re comfortable and your style can truly be expressed. 

Photo credit: Matt Perrone