#Fall | Getting the most out of your Sweats


Goodbye to the old boxy sweatpants that you use to once settle for in department stores. The new age sweats are here. With newer styles and slim tapered cuts it is clear to see why sweatpants are making their way more and more towards the front of the menswear scene, and why people do not mind paying more than $100 for a pair. Outside of the new styles and tapered cuts, customers are also seeing a change in construction and fabrics as well. The new sweats are coming equipped with heavier weighted materials and high quality stitching, giving customers not only a more stylish garment but a more one as well.

How to wear

You can now get the most out of your sweats in the follow few ways:

  • Sweatshirts and pants are always a go to. However, don’t look like you are not going to the gym of you aren’t. A pair of cashmere sweats and a vintage style crew and sneakers is a great way to pull off the “I may look like I am going to the gym, but I am really just going to the early movie,” look.
  • Say your friends want to grab brunch and you really don’t feel like changing out of your denim shirt, sweats and sneakers. What do you do? Grab a blazer to go with your already casual outfit you already have on. A well fitted blazer always dresses up any look, plus, your friends won’t think you just rolled out of bed.