A New Breed of Creed

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London-based perfurmer, House of Creed is highly known for producing rare fragrances for royal houses and judicious patrons for over 250 years. Started as a bottle of Royal English Leather commissioned by King George III the brand has matured into becoming one of the best perfumers in the world. The Acqua Originale Collection is the latest and very personal collection to reach the market from Olivier Creed.

“I’m very curious by nature and as I travel around the world, each trip inspires me to create. When I leave a place I love, I long to capture its essence in a bottle. That’s how this new collection was born – many years and trips in the making.” – Olivier Creed

To get the most raw and authentic aroma of each ingredient, House of Creed follows a 4,000 year old labor-intensive process that gathers and conserves the originality of each scent without the use of preservatives.

I was able to sample the Vetiver Geranium fragrance from the new line and was enticed instantly. Unlike the popular, Original Vetiver from House of Creed (which holds a Mediterranean mix of citrus and spice), the woody and spicy Vetiver Geranium is inspired by the Island of Java. The scent’s sensual, soothing essence of Indonesian vetiver, bergamot, cinnamon, and energetic patchouli is brought to life through each spray. The bottle is designed by 400-year-old luxury glass bottle maker House of Creed long-time collaborator Pochet de Courval.


Top note: Crisp granny smith apple, bergamot and lemon.

Middle note: Vibrant geranium, warm cinnamon and rose.

Base note: Hearty patchouli, cedar, musk and relaxing amber.

For quality and a long lasting aroma of pure excellence Creed’s Vetiver Geranium is a scent you should highly consider investing in for either as your daily fragrance or that special occasion scent.