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2-13I was recently interviewed by Aundre Larrow ….a freelance photographer with a great eye for details. Aundre has worked with various brands such as, CommonWealthVisual, and recently the men’s shaving line Bevel. Aundre and I met through Instagram and discussed the idea of working together. After a few weeks of communication, we finally had the opportunity to connect in person. We walked through the historic Harlem, NY for the shoot, and traded stories about growing up in New York coming from a different state to what inspires me.  

Check out the interview below!!

Aundre: What Inspires your style?

Max: My environment inspires my style. The city of New York has so much character it is hard not to get inspired. My hometown St. Louis influenced my style a lot.  In St. Louis Mo, you would see everyone from business professionals to pimps walking down the street. That was my first taste of seeing both sides of the fence. The reserved and the flashy way to dress. I like to add a bit of flash to my outfits in a subtle way. That is why I admire the way the Italians dress. They add a nice touch of flash with their accessories and wear garments that works for their lifestyle.

Aundre: What was the first article of clothing you got that helped you start thinking about how you dressed?

Max: First piece of clothing that really my first properly tailored suit. It was navy blue and I wore it to death. I wore it so much it actually ended up tearing at the seams. The response that I received when I wore the suit or blazer was always positive and that made it clear to  me people treat and respond to you differently when you are dressed well. 

Aundre: What does “it’s a good look” mean to you?

Max: A good look means putting on whatever garment you are comfortable in and wear the hell out of it.  A good look isn’t always about dressing up it is more about living and carrying yourself with a certain type of class and morals. 



Aundre: What’s your grooming routine?

Max: I like to keep my grooming routine simple. Usually I set one day aside (Sunday usually)  in order to clean up my nails, a DIY at home facial, and shine my shoes for the week. As far as products, I like multi-functioning skincare and grooming products such as: Ernest Supplies for my face wash, Lab Series Hydrating cream for my moisturizer and Hue for Everyman to keep my scalp and facial hair conditioned.  

Aundre: Talk about your haircut

Max: My haircut is a light fade. It is a hairstyle kind of always had as a child growing up in St. Louis. I get it cut from time to time this way as a reminder of my roots and where I am trying to go in life. 

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