The Clever Travel Companion [Via InTheRowe]


Something that makes all of us nervous on an overseas trip, or any trip for that matter is the case of pickpockets; highly skilled, not as good-looking Matt Damon’s (or Linus Caldwell if you’re a true Oceans fan), who can easily and quickly steal your items without even knowing. Although when we travel, most of us are keen on the idea of avoiding any way to get ourselves pickpocketed, there are times when a slip up or slip in can occur.

It has been reported that over 6,000 pick-pocketing incidents occur daily. Many of us take into consideration ways of not allowing this to happen to us, however, this can always be easier said than done. There are many times we can be caught off guard and don’t realize that someone has managed to get into our belongings. Not only is it a violating feeling to know that someone has managed to rob you, it’s also becomes a frustrating experience to know that you must now take time out of your trip to try and replace those items. After all, you are there to enjoy yourself, right?

What if there was clothing to keep all of our sensitive items on us at all times that’s fashionable, stylish and lightweight? Introducing The Clever Travel Companion, an apparel company that specializes in anti- theft clothing.

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