Ice Cream Social at The Standing Room [Via Sir Shane Miller]


The Standing Room stood true to it’s name during Thursday’s ice cream social as the shop filled quickly and guest had to filter outside to keep the festivities going. Shop owners Heights + Kenchi and host Max Twitty of Gents Among Men collaborated with Chef Carlos and Mikey Likes It to ensure that we were fed throughout the night. Mikey Likes It ice cream was a hit and brought a couple people in the neighborhood out asking for a scoop.

Although the food and drinks were wonderful, the highlight of the night was the diverse group of individuals that came together for the event. The issues of police brutality, rioting and racial profiling are at the forefront of people’s mind due to Michael Brown’s death and the ensuing fallout in Ferguson. Whatever small problems that may irritate me throughout my week become small when I put the major issues of the world in perspective. Thursday’s ice cream social was a nice escape from everything going on and if you weren’t present, hopefully the photos below will take you away for a minute as well.


Words and Photos by: Sir Shane Miller