Style Suggestion: Airplane Attire


People treat you differently depending on how you look and when it come to traveling, the airplane is nothing different. There are those guys who dressed as if they are headed to the gym when traveling, and then there are gentleman who no matter where they are headed, they are dressed for it. You want to be that guy. You don’t have to wear a three-piece suit on your flight, but wear something that is comfortable and that can take you from the airport to a stylish cocktail bar without changing a thing. 

  1. Blazer – Hey, you gotta put your plane ticket somewhere. Plus it might get chilly on the flight. 
  2. Chinos – A more comfortable option than jeans.
  3. Polo – Great under a blazer, and dressier than a t-shirt.
  4. Shoe – Always go for loafers. Think of them as your EZ pass when going through security.
  5. Belt – That old saying, “your shoes should match your belt?’ Yeah, that still applies here. 
  6. Pocket square – A little flash never hurt anyone.
  7. Headphones – Crying babies, loud conversations and snoring are no more with a great pair of on-the-ear headphones.