Brace Yourself





The common perception of braces (or suspenders) is that they are majoritarily used by heavier set gentlemen in order to keep their trousers up. As humorous as this may seem, it is a perception most people will agree with. Wearing braces does provide proper support needed for keeping your pants waist level for the heavier set body type, but as we’ve seen throughout media both the physically fit and dapper chaps are constantly embracing the classic accessory on a daily basis. 

If you decide to wear braces in a formal/business setting, place have the buttons sewed on the inside of your trousers. This presents a cleaner look when removing your suit jacket or sportscoat. Whereas wearing suspender buttons on the exterior of the pants gives off a more casual appearance. I say go with whichever feels the most comfortable and natural to the body.  

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Outfit Breakdown:

Suit, Tie and Pocket square: Club Monaco | Shirt: Spectre & Co. | Braces: Thrifted | Shoes: Cole Haan | Sunglasses: Persol | Hat: H&M | Socks: Lorenzo Uomo

Photo Credit: Sir Shane Miller for Gents Among Men