Served Neat: Purity Vodka

“I don’t care if you love it or hate it – just don’t tell me it tastes like all the others!”  – Thomas Kuuttanen, Founder & Master Blender

purity bottleWhat happens when you love whiskey but realize vodka sells better in stores? You make the best vodka you can. Founder, Thomas Kuuttanen decided to create one of the best vodkas you probably aren’t tasting.

Hand crafted in small batches in a 13th century Ellinge Castle located in southern Sweden, Purity Vodka is distilled using a proprietary still made of copper and gold to create a spirit so refined that it doesn’t need filtration. Produced from natural ingredients including organic winter wheat and malted barley, Purity Vodka goes through 34 distillations leaving only the finest 10% of the remaining product being called the Perfect Cut™.

Tasting Notes: Malt, white chocolate with a multifaceted, mineral rich finish

Mouth Feel: Full-bodied, smooth, complex and full of character. Very little to no burn on the tongue.

Best enjoyed: Neat

Verdict: With a slight back of the tongue burn, Purity Vodka maintains a clean and steady full body taste. We feel this vodka is best served neat over ice, but it does mix well in a cocktail.

Suggested Retail Price: $39.99 (750ml)


Words: Max Twitty | Edits: Jennifer Rowe for Gents Among Men