We get so caught up with “looking good,”sometimes we forget the “living well” part of our lives. Yes, a suit looks good on us, but if we don’t take care of ourselves the next could be the one we are wearing in a casket. Perhaps that is a bit extreme, but our health is something that we should not neglect.  

This month is Men’s Health Awareness Month. Here at Gents, we want to help you be a better and healthier you. For 10 days, we will provide some quick life and fitness tips to improve or keep you on track of just that.

Day 4: Eat Small

MellyLee-Life4Eat five to six smaller meals each day and space them two to three hours apart. This causes your body to release less insulin, which prevents you from storing as many calories as body fat. Opt for 300 to 400 calories each small meal.

photoNeed help planning your smaller meals? Sites like FitMenCook offer great ideas to planning your smaller meals and inspiration for new ones. Watch how they plan their meals for the entire week: