Summer Essentials: Facial Cleanser

summer face

Once we started seeing local New York residents using both Central and Bryant Park as their personal tanning bed, we knew summer wasn’t too far away. This also meant it was time to start preparing for the sun filled season ahead.

With the 90 degree afternoons and sweaty nights, chances are we will end up cleansing our face a few times throughout the day. Ultimately, we will need a product that will wash away the dirt and grim, but still something gentle enough to keep our mug feeling refreshed. Men are picky, but these are a few products you can count on this summer that will keep your skin looking healthy this upcoming season.

  1. Nivea Sensitive Facial Wash – The products in the Nivea Men’s Sensitive line are alcohol-free and soap free, which means you can thoroughly cleanse your face without the worries of cracked skin. ($5.99)
  2.  Clinique Oil-Control Facial Wash. Clinique’s liquid fragrance-free facial wash is designed to keep that oily forehead shine in the shade. ($18)
  3. Re’vive Gel Cleanser – This multi-purpose cleanser help maintains your skin’s pH balance while also locking in the skin’s natural moisture through cleansing. ($75)
  4. URSA Major Face Wash – With a collection of essential oils and a hint of cedar, this facial wash is great for the AM, the PM, the post workout and even your girlfriend. ($26)
  5. Baxter of California Daily Face Wash – Easy to apply without leaving you dry. This mild face wash is serious about stripping away excess dirt while saving your skin’s natural moisture. ($17)