On the Radar: Without Prejudice

Leigh-Keily-Without-Prejudice-SS12-2952 mod
Focused on embracing change and individuality, the UK based menswear brand Without Prejudice launched seven years ago as a way for the public to express themselves through fine fabrics of clothing with subtle details. With British inspired tailoring apparel, the brand goes against the adoration of labels to provide a collection of garments for the innovative, stylish and even quirky consumers of today. Created for the judicious Gent, Without Prejudice’s mission is to keep a timeless aesthetic while adding a little twist in the garments details such as: horizontal and double lapel eyelets.
Each piece in the Without Prejudice collection is crafted in the most respected European mills with a budget friendly price point of £399 (673.11 USD). Exclusively designed in the UK by two London-based brothers, Without Prejudice aims to please the style-conscious bloke who wears clothes for the look, not the label.
Browse Without Prejudice’s unique suiting collection here