MaxTwitty’s Memorial Day Essentials

weekend grid

A half day today and a day off on Monday: what more could we ask for? With the upcoming holiday weekend, most of us are still packing our bags for Southampton or getting the grill ready for local cookouts. From board shorts to cool kicks to smooth spirits, our very own Max Twitty collected a few top essentials that you should consider for whatever your Memorial weekend may entail.

1. The slight above-the-knee and slim fit structure of 2xist’s Maui board shorts are stylish enough for jacuzzi fun or a dive in the deep end. No cannonballs please.

2. Is it a duffle bag or is it a garment bag? Well, it’s a bit of both. Hook and Albert’s Garment Duffle is the essential bag for the functional and frequent traveler. You can even hold a pair of shoes inside, so you’ll never want to go a weekend without it.

3. Just because you don’t go to the beach this weekend, that doesn’t mean you can’t smell like it. The Compass Eau de cologne from Tommy Bahama is a mixture of Ivory Coast lemon, grapefruit, violet leaves pimento, lavender, and cedarwood notes. It leaves you with a  complex yet crisp fragrance for any spring or summer occasion.

4.  WANT Les Essentials de la Vie wants you to protect your latest Apple investment with a stylish and spring approved red hue iPad case. With plenty of pockets and functionality, how could you say no?

5. These Union Street brogues from Rockport are equipped with ADIPRENE® by Adidas sport technology, which allows you to enjoy a nice stroll at night minus the stress on your feet.

6. Norwegian brand Swims offers some poolside fun with their classic laced loafer. The anti-slip and non-marking sole shoe gets you from beach to the bar seamlessly. Remember that Hook and Albert bag with the shoe pouch for shoes…yeah, pack these in there.

7. What’s a holiday without a good spirit? Your parents always taught you never go anywhere empty handed, so this bottle of Cruzan Rum is the appropriate sipping spirit to relax fireside with a few friends.

Regardless if you are a jet-setter for the weekend or a enjoying a staycation with friends, these few essentials will get you through the weekend. As you toast with your glass of Cruzan Rum, keep in mind the real reason why we have Memorial Day and acknowledge the ones we’ve lost in battle.