Whiskey Boys History: Max Twitty

The dapperly stylish and educated men of the Whiskey Boys, interviewed our own Max Twitty for their, Whiskey History, series. Here is what the Gents Among Men founder had to say….


A gentleman is hard to come by these days. Leaders are even harder. Robert ‘Max’ Twitty is the Brain Child of one of our favorite menswear blogs: Gents Among Men.



I’m the king of… Oneself

My mother use to tell me…”When a great leader dies another is born.” I was taught to be a leader….and to be prepared to die for what I believe.

Sometimes I wish I could experience the Harlem Renaissance. It had so much influence on my style. I wish I could peak into the Cotton Club, dance to Cab Calloway, Billie Holiday and Duke Ellington, be empowered by the words of Marcus Garvey, Langston Hughes, and Zora Neal Hurston.

When I die, my headstone will read… “He was a Gent Amongst Men.”

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