The Pocket Knife


A paperclip can be a wondrous thing. More times than I can remember, one of these has gotten me out of a tight spot.

  –Angus MacGyver, Secret Agent 

If there is one thing we can take from the television show MacGyver, it is preparation. Without a question he was pretty handy with a paperclip, but he always made sure he had his trusty pocketknife. His knife of choice was the Swiss-made company Victorinox, which since 1908 has maintained a long history of making quality pocketknives.

Based out of Bradford, Pennsylvania, W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery (Case) company  started out in 1889 with four brothers selling their line of fashionable knife collection alongside the upstate New York’s wagon trail. After much success and accolades on the way their knives are produced, the Case brand remains true to their “quality first” heritage, by making sure each knife goes through at least 125 pairs of hands before it’s shipped out.

You might not be MacGyver, but with so much to do this season—cookouts, fishing, camping or saving your best friend trapped inside a bamboo trap—you wouldn’t want to be left without your trusty pocket knife around


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pocket knife2  

The Hunter Pro knife by Victorinox comes with a folding blade for easy one-hand access, while the heavy ergonomic grip on the pro allows for easy maneuvering.  

pocket knife

Designed for the camping enthusiasts, the Camper by Victorinox Swiss Army is  the perfect stainless steel knife a man hunter could own in his pocket. MacGyver would be proud.