Think women don’t care about your hands? Think again. Women check out our hands more than you think they do. One might even say that it’s the equivalent to the famous shoe shine check our elders always spoke about.  

Some men aren’t afraid of being seen getting their hands manicured in a salon. Many testosterone targeted businesses like Truman’s Gentleman Groomers and Spiff NYC cater to these exact men. On the other hand, there are those who feel like less of a bloke if they partake in the same activities as women. If you’re one of these men, fear not. Like our At Home Facial, we put together another D.I.Y step-by-step guide with a few products from Tweezerman’s latest G.E.A.R. grooming line for the men who wouldn’t be caught dead in a salon filled with women.  

Step One: Take off any polish. Why you would have polish on your nails? We don’t know nor do we care, but do take it off the nail polish with acetone and a cotton swab.  

nail clipper

Step Two: Soak, Cut and File. Soaking helps to loosen the cuticles, soften the hands and prevent any splitting in the nails. In a bowl of hot water, add a little baby oil and let your hands soak for a few seconds. Clip down your nails using your Precision Grip Fingernail Clipper (the shorter the better), then smooth the edges with a Multi-Use Nail Tool.  

Step Three: Push back and cut your cuticles. Give your cuticles a slight push back and trim off any excess skin. 

nail file

Step Four: Moisturize & buff. Buckler’s Chapped Skin Remedy locks in the moisture and the smooth side of the 2-Sided pumice stone gives your nails a more natural shine. buckler_s_chapped_skin_remedy


*We suggest getting your nails grooming professionally at least 1-2 times a month… your mate    will appreciate it.