A Little Floral


Spring is the season for rain showers and blooming flowers, yet floral remains one of the few patterns that men are still hesitant of wearing. Since floral is usually associated with women, we can understand one’s reservations of the pattern. But as we’ve noticed over the past few years, the pattern has appeared more on the bodies of men from the high-end runway shows to every day street-wear brands. Of course, we would never suggest that you jump on any trend and purchase a full wardrobe of any garment just because “it’s having a moment,” so here are a few ways you can embrace the trend in other subtle ways.


If you are like the many men who may feel that full-fledged floral suits, blazers or buttons ups aren’t the most practical purchases, then opt for these subtle accessories:

Gents Among Men proprietor, Robert Twitty, brightens his navy suit with a splash of floral with a necktie from Club Monaco. Smaller accessories offer an effective way that a man can remain on trend without being too informal for the office. And without having a full wardrobe of botanical gardens.

 Words: Robert ‘Max’ Twitty/ Edits: Courtenay Brown / Photo Credit: Shane Miller for Gents Among Men