Go Green with Bobble


The world consumes more than 200 billion single-serve bottles of water per year, which amounts to $11.8 billion being spent on bottled water per year. That’s a lot of money spent especially when around 80% of these bottles end up in landfills. In the spirit of Earth Day, the reusable, self-filtering water bottle system, Bobble, invites the public to join in on their “taste the #WaterRevolution” campaign.

Bobble’s latest campaign focuses on eliminating plastic waste, raising awareness and calling attention to the damaging environmental effects of all those single-serve water bottles. We love the medium Bobble bottle with the tethered cap. A cooler cousin to the classic version the new tethered cap version offers a more portable and easy-to-carry function. Loop it through a belt or backpack for hydration on the go, and remember to stay green.