Last minute ideas to show your appreciation to your employees

Here at Gents Among Men, we strongly believe in showing appreciation to all of our employees every single day. But of course, we are human and understand that things always pop up. Special occasions like birthdays, weddings and anniversaries tend to be a few we rarely remember. When you are juggling meetings, new business accounts and sealing the next million dollar deal, a few of those Outlook reminder emails tend to slip through the cracks. It’s not your fault; it’s understandable. Today marks National Employee Appreciation Day, so we decided to put together a few last minute ideas to show the people that help keep your business running that you appreciate their efforts.

1.      Free food – The key to the heart is through the stomach. It’s a classic saying because it’s true. Ordering breakfast packed with fruit, doughnuts and bagels and/or catered lunch are great options to win not only the stomach but the hearts of your team.

2.      Happy Hour – Who does not love a drink here and there? Close the office down an hour early and pull out a stash of the good stuff you reserve for those holiday parties.

3.      Gift cards – Not those specialty restaurant or coffee shop gift cards. Stick to the classic and always acceptable VISA or American Express gift cards. Let your employees decide how they want to spend their appreciation money as opposed to you deciding for them.

4.      Leave early – If it is usually slow on Fridays, why not send the team home early with pay? Not only is it an easy way to motivate your team in the beginning of the day, but it also allows them to get a jump start on the weekend. Bonus: It saves you the trouble of having to create things for them to do.