Sinatra and Jack Daniels

c7e49ff47260da53a694c648952665d5Ol’ Blue Eyes, better known as Frank Sinatra, was a man of many fine luxuries: clothes, cars, women, jewelry…the list goes on. So maybe it’s surprising that he was also a fan of Jack Daniel’s Whiskey. Rumor has it Frank was rarely seen without a glass of Jack in his hand. Consequently, it makes sense that the legendary whiskey brand tapped the Rat Pack’s founder’s name to release a limited edition whiskey.

Jack Daniel’s Sinatra Selects is a 90-proof bottle of smooth and legendary taste. This bold whiskey has been stored in a handcrafted, deep grooved barrel which gives the spirit a luxurious amber hue and a smoky yet charming vanilla taste.

Try this drink the Frank Sinatra way: two fingers of whiskey*, over four ice cubes, a splash of water and enjoy the iconic taste of Sinatra and Jack Daniels.