YOYO (You’re Only Young Once, Right?)

In an ideal world, the title above wouldn’t be true. Granted, there are certain procedures you can go through to literally “look” younger, but other than that, aging is seemingly unbeatable. But perhaps to your surprise, some of your everyday habits may or may not be speeding up life’s clock on your appearance. Lack of sleep and physical inactivity of course makes the average individual look about ten years older, but there are other behaviors you should try to kick in order to give your appearance a facelift.


1. Alcohol: As much as we all love enjoying a glass of bourbon while watching House of Cards or  throwing back a few drinks with of our fellow gents, we must keep in mind that like all great pleasures, they should be handled in moderation. Alcohol dehydrates the skin and reduces skin elasticity.

The Fix: Instead of eight shots at the bar, try eight or more glasses of water the day before.

2. Caffeine: You may love that smell of fresh brewed coffee in the morning, but try not to fall in love too hard. The great thing about coffee is it jumpstarts the mind and gets it working, but it also stains teeth and causes dehydration of the skin.

The Fix: Go green with tea. Green tea is packed with tons of health benefits.

*If you really can’t kick your love of coffee, try decaf instead.

IMG_61193. Salt: There’s really no escaping it. Salt is everywhere. As delicious as it may be, it’s just as harmful to your skin, liver, kidney and heart. 

The Fix: Start cooking at home. Add some more natural or salt-free seasoning to your meal. If you have to dine out, request little or no salt when placing your order.

IMG_45554.Sugar: We all know it’s true: the sweetest kiss can be the deadliest. Like its cousin salt, sugar not only sugar dehydrates the skin and it adds a few inches to your waistline.

The Fix:  Opt for naturally sweet replacements (like Agave) or try your tea/coffee unsweetened for a change.