Gift Ideas: Valentine’s Day for Her (Under $100)


1. Ever overwhelmed by the endless brands of hairsprays and lipglosses at your girlfriend’s apartment? If your leading lady is anything like me, she’s a product junkie…which makes her the perfect candidate for a Birchbox subscription! It’s monthly delivery of samples of the best beauty and grooming products on the market. With Birchbox, she’ll discover a product she loves I’m sure, and she will have you to thank. Start her off slow with a 3-month subscription for only $30.

*If she is more of a foodie, try NatureBox. It’s the same idea as Birchbox, but with monthly shipments of organic snacks!

2. With the Mophie juice pack, you’ll never hear another complaint about a dead phone. It’s affordable and an ultimate lifesaver.

3.  The Kate Spade USB is both functional and fashionable. Saving her important files will become an entirely different experience.

4. After painful memories of sporting them in middle school, I never thought I’d be happy that New Balances are officially back and better than ever.  I think many would agree with me when I say that they are the perfect weekend shoe. Plus, with endless color combos, there’s a perfect pair for every girl.

5. If she appreciates the classics, a few selections from the Barnes & Noble Collectible Editions Series is definitely the way to go. The leather-bound books are beautifully detailed, and they will satisfy the bookworm in her.

6. The Valentine’s day red Kate Spade gum drop earrings: Festive and classic. Need I say more?

7. Netflix is amongst the top 5 of the world’s most innovative companies and I think we all know why. It’s addicting and it is an important staple the perfect night-in. Gift her a subscription, but be prepared for several binge-watching sessions of Orange is the New Black or House of Cards.

8.  There’s nothing like a new pair of comfy, weightless workout pants to pump me up for a good run. Check out Lululemon’s extensive collection of workout pants. They are long-lasting, and they transition from the elliptical to post-workout errands seamlessly.

9. Club Monaco’s Bonnie Bracelets are  chic, stylish, and addicting. Once she has her first Bonnie, she’ll be obsessed with stacking them on top of one another.

10. Putting all of your memories with your significant (or perhaps, soon-to-be significant) other in one place just became a whole lot easier…and visually appealing.  Simply put a compatible memory card in the Viewsonic digital photo frame, and compile all of your favorite moments! You can even add music tracks