Gents Among Men Presents: Served Neat | William Wolf Whiskey


As I sat with Sean Riojas, Shane Miller, Jamal Jackson (aka StyleSocietyGuy), and Jeffrey Zhang (owner of Spectre and Co) over a glass of whiskey, we discussed our accomplishments and future goals as brand owners and individuals. Barnabas Crosby of The Whiskey Boys extended the invitation for us taste William Wolf, a new whiskey on the market at the Emerson Bar in Brooklyn.

I’ve found that a lot of honey flavored whiskeys on the market tend to be overbearing with sweetness from the infused flavor, which for me, takes away the experience and complexity of the spirit. However, with William Wolf, it was smooth to the taste with just the right amount of sweetness from the settled pecans, which created great balance.

This is a great introductory whiskey and could be a strong competitor to other “honey and maple” flavored whiskeys on the market. You can try it in the delicious Apple cocktail created specially by the Emerson or simply, as I prefer, served neat. However you choose to enjoy your spirit of choice, William Wolf’s whiskey is definitely worth a toast.


Photo Credit: Shane Miller