Behind the Scenes | Paul Stuart


After 75 years Paul Stuart continues to produce quality Anglo-American inspired goods. Being that access is usually reserved to staff, we were honored to attend a photoshoot for Paul Stuart’s Spring 2014 lookbook and it’s a day we will not forget.

When I arrived on set, staff quietly noted comments and concerns on the previous photo. A loud shutter and burst of flash filled the room which caused the chatter to stop briefly.

The model featured is dressed in a double breasted Paul Stuart suit that is impeccably tailored to fit his body. From the hem on his trousers to the dimple in his tie, every detail is attended to by the stylist, art director and other members of Paul Stuart staff to ensure the look is near perfection.

As I watch in awe of the exquisite suiting I assume it can’t get any better but at that moment a female model approaches the set. Reminding me of Paul Stuart’s innate ability to cater to both male and female customers, she walks out wearing a stunning pantsuit and joins the male model on set.

As the models switch out I get a chance to peek at several shots taken throughout the week that include other pieces featured in Paul Stuart’s Spring 2014 collection. Paul Stuart stays true to their aesthetic while exploring vibrant colors, wonderful textures and high quality classic pieces. Although we can’t share those images with you just yet, we can say it is truly worth the wait.