Leaving Your Signature: The Writing Instrument


A signature is the calligraphy of your unique identity. Whether manifested in the raise of intonation in your voice during a heated argument or swagger you carry in your footsteps attitude, we all have something that sets us apart in how others identify ourselves. As many signatures one could possibly possess, none are as valuable or comparable to their own John Hancock.

As a Gentlemen, the writing instrument we carry is a direct reflection of our personality, care and appreciation of the “smaller accessories” that are typically reduced to their aesthetic function. Your modern day fountain or ballpoint pen could run you anywhere from $21-$2,000, and this price difference solely exists due to brand marketing, construction and materials used to create this magnificent device.


The fountain pen is a great writing tool, however, I find writing at a slant to be highly cumbersome and counterproductive. Though, for the modern day Gent like myself, using a high quality fine-tip ballpoint pen is equally effective and functional compared against its counterpart.

I had the opportunity to sample a few of the Kaweco  (above) pens at a shop, Top Hat and ended up leaving with the Kaweco Sport version. Its convenient build is small enough to fit into a pair of trousers – as opposed to the bulk of an average sized fountain pen – but elegant enough to mimic its competitor’s looks. Household names like Montegrappa (leftand Arazi Eternity (below) all provide their consumers with a great instrument of utility and style to carry inside their portfolio cases.

While you may not be an executive position to write off checks as of yet, you might as well look good while signing one.

Montegrappa – $190

Kaweco – $24 

Arazi Eternity – call for pricing