Gents Tested | Ernest Supplies


I knew Fall was officially here once my facial moisturizer wasn’t holding up towards my expectations anymore and my skin started to flake. How exciting. It was no one’s fault, but rather a simple adjustment that needed to be made. However with a busy schedule, I needed a product that was multi-functional and easy to travel with.

As luck may have it, a representative reached out to me about an all natural, MADE IN USA grooming company, Ernest SuppliesThe product line was created for the gentleman who needs multi-functioning products that can fit his active lifestyle.

They Say: “All products are formulated with the highest quality, natural ingredients. For us, the name of the game is simplicity – as in fewer steps to accomplish a multitude of tasks, no superfluous ingredients and products that are super straight-forward and easy to use.”

The Trial: During my two-week trial, I learned just why this dual acting skin-saving brand is the perfect companion for the active man:


The specially designed oxygen barrier, TSA approved and durable squeeze pouch packaging gave me peace of mind. I liked knowing that all of the active ingredients inside the pouch were secure and they would not explode all over my clothes while en route.


Composed of all natural oils, I immediately noticed the difference between this brand and my daily, go-to facial products. The Soap-Free Gel Face Wash left my skin feeling refreshed, without that dry feeling that shortly follows like other grooming products I’ve come across.

The Protective Matte Moisturizer adapted perfectly to the changing environments. It never caused my skin to be overly moist or dry. Instead, it kept my skin composition intact, balanced and sheen free.

The Cooling Shave Cream helped with razor irritation, and I found that using it as a conditioner for my light beard added great moisturizer.

We Say: With so many new products on the market, it’s good to know you can still have some simplicity when it come to your grooming. Ernest Supplies has every reason to pride themselves with providing the highest quality natural ingredients for the men whose lifestyle is oriented around staying active, working hard, looking good and living well. You can’t go wrong with a brand that completes one’s lifestyle without changing it. 

rby-earnest-supplies-tool-kit-mens-gift-guide-lgn*Ernest Supplies also created this custom roll-out tool kit, designed to carry your favorite products in style when traveling from the gym or on a weekend getaway