The Portfolio Bag


When it comes to men’s fashion, everything from men’s blazers to chinos are becoming very sleek and streamline. It was only a matter of time before the bags followed suit.

We have our bags for the weekend and our briefcase for client meetings– now, meet the portfolio bag. It’s emerging as the leader of the pack to hold only the essentials.

Technology has advanced: tablets have forced bookstores to close their doors, and suddenly we realized that we could display presentations, share word documents and spreadsheets off a single, miniature device. So of course, we needed a stylish bag to carry it in. The portfolio bag offers just that.

Higher-end brands like Ben Minkoff and affordable, alternative brands like ZARA all carry the sleekest and versatile bags you could carry with a three-piece suit…or the casual oxford shirt and dress chino.

Remember don’t treat your portfolio like your weekender, tote or briefcase. Place only what you need for day: your handy tablet, notebook, pen, and business cards.

Portfolio: Zara, Blazer, Pocket Square and Belt: Club Monaco, Dress Chinos: Gap, Shirt: Lorenzo Uomo, Sunglasses: Warby Parker

[Photo by: Shane Miller]