Salvatore Ferragamo’s Acqua Essenziale

Are you still spraying that heavy-scented sandalwood cologne on your skin? Shame on you. That bottle should have been tucked away with those cashmere sweaters. As August heats up, your go-to fragrance should remind your lady of a cool summer night on an island.

Acqua Essenziale 100ml PackshotSalvatore Ferragamo’s latest fragrance Acqua Essenziale offers just that. The clear blue bottle packs a scented essence that reminds us of one-part fresh floral dipped in two-parts mint leaves with a squeeze of lemon shaken and served over ice in a mason jar.

Acqua Essenziale’s composition of light and engaging notes gives you the okay to spray on a little extra without reeking of cologne. Switch up your swagger and spritz some new -ish on your skin before the summer is over.

Acqua Essenziale – $80,

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