Understanding Your Favorite Scent


We all have our favorite fragrance. Some we found on our own, some we grew up on, and some we just have a fond, personal connection with. But do you know why you love your favorite scent? The Gents are here to help.

Most of us are attracted to the initial smell of the top note and immediately cling to that aroma. Rarely do we think about the other two sections that make up rest of that cologne bottle.

All scents come in three sections: the top, the hearty (also called the “middle”) and the bottom notes, which is just another word to describe scents. We decided to use Jack Black Sliver Mark to assist in the breakdown of a fragrance before you approach the cologne counter at the nearest Nieman Marcus.


Top: It’s noticed immediately from the first spray, but it is usually the layer that does not last. Give or take, you’ll only get 15-20 minutes of appreciation from the top note. Example: Geranium and pimento

Hearty: As your appreciation fades from the top note, the hearty kicks in. It gives you a well-rounded balance of the overall fragrance and last the longest. Roughly an hour or so, Example: Ceylon cardamom and wild cypress.


Base: Now this is the core of what the fragrance is made of. The base is the heaviest of the layer and the one that seeps into your skin. Example: Clear, clean woods.

Jack Black Sliver Mark $70 via Nieman Marcus