Kanye West releases interactive music video for Blkkk Skkkn Head


Kanye West is known for his innovative and culturally shocking work. A few weeks ago a video for his controversial single, Blkkk Skkkn Head, was released and just when fans thought the video couldn’t get any crazier, the official version was released today, chock-full of interactivity for users.

Fans can speed up or slow down the video at their discretion. They can also capture still images of the video which in turn can be synched, shared and posted across all social media platforms. I think this is a great way for fans to interact and participate in the artist’s work. Most people are on social networks, and love to share. I myself had a little fun speeding up and slowing down the video at my leisure. It will be intriguing to know what other fans think.

With novel marketing moves like Kanye’s socially, interactive music video and Jay-Z’s collaborative album release with Samsung, I’m excited to see which new moves all artists will come up with in the future to get their music out to the consumer.

Check out the video at Kanyewest.com