Fake a Memory Like Mike Ross


You’re familiar with the situation: you recognize the face but can’t really place the name as someone walks up to you at a social event.  It’s sad but it’s a normal circumstance that really shouldn’t happen.

Mike Ross is an exception to this. Hired as an associate for Harvey Specter on the TV drama, Suits, Mr. Ross uses his eidetic memory to keep his secret from his other coworkers, and work hard to prove himself as a lawyer at at the fictional law firm Pearson Hardman. A person’s name is their mark in this world and although we may not blessed with a eidetic memory like Mike Ross, we can follow a few tips to improve our memory in a few simple ways.

1. Listen and Repeat – Meeting someone the first time say their name out loud a few times. Saying it more than once will help the name sink into your memory bank. If they have

2. Name Game – Remember the game you played as a child, well it still works. Try to associate a person’s name with an object or animal with the same word sound. Ex: Pat/Rat, Jake/Rake

3. Take Notes – Simple and every effective.

4. Swap a card – The easiest and effective way to remember someone especially a business meeting. Write down important details of the meeting even the smallest detail.

Remember Season 3 of Suits premieres Tuesday, July 16 at 10 P.M. EST on USA Network.