Keeping Cool

We’ve all experienced the overcrowded subway trains, the crammed restaurants and the surprisingly scorching lunch break stroll. Unfortunately the fun, summer months sometimes come with unbearably high temperatures. We can either find a way to stay cool or stay miserable. Us gents prefer the first option.

Staying cool is just as important as staying hydrated. The best way to stay chilled is to focus on your pulse points. The pulse points are the areas where your blood flows closest towards your skin. So as long as you keep those points cool, your body will follow suit.

Here are a few basic quick tips to remember when you’re sweating in that long line for lunch.


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Back of the Neck

Before drinking that cold can of soda at your next cookout, place it on the back of your neck for an immediate cooling effect.

Kick off your shoes

If you are privileged enough to have your own cubicle or office, untie those shoes and let out a lot of the heat that your body has been storing all day.


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Holding the same inner wrist pulse points where you test out new cologne under cool water for 30 seconds can reduce your body’s temperature for up to one hour.


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Inner Elbow

Place that same can of soda we told you to place behind your neck in the crease of your inner elbow for 10-15 seconds to help tighten the blood vessels that tend to become larger when your are overheated.