American Brands

For this Fourth of July week I decided to be a more patriotic in a non-conventional way. Instead of throwing on your usual American flag t-shirt, I decided to wear brands that were manufactured in USA.

New Balance

The first brand that I wore was New Balance. I have always had a pair of their sneakers for exercise, but it wasn’t until I visited their website when I discovered it was an American-made brand. Maybe I should have read the label that stated “Made in USA.”

New Balance’s motto is “Committed to American Craftsmanship.” They’re one of the only major companies that make athletic footwear in the USA. Check out more about the brand and their dedication to domestic manufacturing at

Brooks Brothers


Image via Brooks Brothers

When it comes to classic style, you can always count on Brooks Brothers to have a staple piece for you to add to your collection. What brings it all together is the extended history behind the American-made brand.

“In 1818, Henry Sands Brooks founded Brooks Brothers, the first ready-to-wear fashion emporium in America. Since then, we are proud to have become an institution that has shaped the American style of dress through fashion innovation, fine quality, personal service, and exceptional value in our products.”

Learn more about the brand’s history at


Image via Beau Tie Ltd

Beau Ties

Wrap up your style, literally. Beauties is an American-made brand from Vermont that has great bowties for your collection. The one thing I appreciate about the brand is its back story. It reminds me of one those success stories you always seem to hear about on television

Like many independent-minded bow tie wearing men, Bill Kenerson had a tough time finding attractive, high-quality ties to wear to work. So he took it upon himself to change the situation. He purchased fabric, connected with a local seamstress, and they created some bow ties.

What had been a passion for wearing bows became a passion for sharing them, and in 1993 Beau Ties Ltd. Of Vermont was born.  See more about the brand at