Gents Tested: Red Ace Organics

As gentlemen we should always be aware of our health. As Men’s Health Month comes to an end, we decided to try something that could add a new “beet” to our routine.


The tiny, performance-enhancing supplement Red Ace Organics is quickly becoming the go-to pick-me-up for men taking daily measures to prevent disease, keep in shape, or simply trying to improve their day-to-day routine.


They say: “Using nitrate-rich beetroot juice, Red Ace Organic Beet Juice Supplement packs a punch from organic beets and is integral to developing and maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle. Consuming Red Ace daily will boost athletic performance—improving blood flow that could assist in lowering blood pressure.”

The trial: Although we can’t measure how much the supplement increased our blood flow, we can say that it did assist in our stamina and energy throughout the day. We weren’t used to drinking beets, so the flavor did catch us off guard at first. However, for being beets, the taste was fairly pleasant. And the organic lemon juice added a refreshing taste and flavor.

We say: Once we were able to bypass the initial taste, the rest of the shot was enjoyable. If you are looking to improve your health and maintain a healthy lifestyle, we advise adding a shot of Red Ace Organics into your daily regimen for overall health and disease prevention.

$60 12-pack,