The Rough Around The Edges: The 665 Polaroid Work of Jonathan Mannion

From June 18th– July 7th, the Milk Gallery in New York will be exhibiting a versatile display of portraits by acclaimed portrait photographer, Jonathan Mannion.

The Rough Around The Edges: The 665 Polaroid Work of Jonathan Mannion gallery features an extensive collection of photographs taken in one of Mannion’s favorite film formats.

We were fortunate enough to meet Mr. Mannion in person to understand why he favors shooting with his 665 Polaroid film and his trusty Polaroid 195 Land camera instead of with a digital camera. He told us:

“Shooting on 665 Polaroid film includes the negative which gives off the ‘rough edge’ aesthetic. Digital is easier to travel with, but I still honor the original process.”

If you’re a fan of hip-hop, a piece of his work may be in your home collecting dust on your CD rack. Jonathan Mannion is best known for his iconic albums covers including Ludacris’ Back For the First Time, Jay-Z’s “Reasonable Doubt,” Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s Ni**a Please,” and the portrait of DMX saturated in blood for his Flesh of My Flesh, Blood of My Blood” album.


Although he is often recognized for his work within the hip-hop culture, the exhibition at the Milk Gallery proves his talent and eye for detail extends beyond that.

Check out his work at Milk Gallery (450 W 15th St  New York, NY10011)

Recap of the event:


Jonathan Mannion


Bun B


Clark Kent


Clark Kent and Tony Rock


Ignacio Quiles

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