Building Bridges

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Every great leader started with one single idea. One goal, one thought that influenced the masses. Malcolm X, Steve Jobs, that Tumblr guy, hell, even Charles Manson, all came up with an idea that people believed in and followed. Just as they had a single vision, they still were unable to expand it alone. They built bridges with people to help spread their message, spread their inventions and even their idea of love or hate, to the masses. That’s what we all need to do – take inspiration from the great leaders that built bridges before us and those who walk among us today.

The bridge you build should not be about the opportunity; it should be about the relationship. The relationship is what builds the trust, the respect, and the “loyalty.” Building relationships based solely on the opportunity, will only hold you back. Why? Because your heart isn’t in it. And heart is what moves mountains and inspires me to constantly push further the Gents Among Men brand.

The bridges built at Gents Among Men are to aid, influence, motivate, and inspire ourselves and the guys we connect with around the world to either dress better, look better, work harder and even think smarter about life and what’s outside our circle or neighborhood. Come and build with me and #BuildWithGents. – Robert ‘Max’ Twitty