Gents Night Out: Ward III Tribeca

As part of our Gents Night Out series, we stopped by the swanky bespoke cocktail bar, Ward 3, to converse and participate in their “Whiskey Monday” tradition. Enjoy below!!!

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Ward 3

111 Reade Street New York, New York 10013


About Ward 3:

Ward III was founded in June of 2009 by three journeymen bartenders who took their individual ideas on what makes a bar good and combined them in an attempt to make something great.

The result is a beautiful amalgam of casual neighborhood bar, swanky cocktail den, serious whisk(e)y bar, and an all-around vibrant joint where the music is awesome, the service is genuine, and everyone is welcome.

The name Ward III was chosen to honor Tribeca (current site of New York’s former political Ward #3), and to reflect the three operating partners who have worked in this neighborhood for so long. We are always open to 4am, serving food and drinks to people from Tribeca and beyond.

Any time you’re downtown, please feel free to stop in.

[Taken from Ward 3 “About Us” page]