Running Shoes for Summer

Maybe you weren’t the best at keeping your New Year’s resolution this year—no worries. Spring is here and summer is well on its way, but you still have a sufficient amount time to get outside and get in-shape before beach season! Cardio is vital to any workout regimen, and running is a great way to do it. You could always lace up any old pair of sneakers, but if you’re looking to get serious about running, you’ll need some “REAL” running shoes. A good pal of mine—and an avid runner, Martin Mata, works as an Production Assistant for Capsule, so he is always being introduced to new footwear brands on the market, and suggested a few that are worth taking a trial run in this upcoming season.

As our guest blogger today, these are his top three runners for the summer—in his words:

All-around running shoe: New Balance M890v3
“Cushioned enough for everyday and long distance training, yet lightweight and responsive enough for speed training and the occasional race. Full-length rubber outsole and moderate heel-to-toe drop make it a good choice for many runners. $110 Click here to buy
Stability trainer: Brooks Trance 12
For the bigger and overpronated* runners out there, this shoe is a great bet. A bit on the heavier and more expensive side, but it provides immense cushioning and support. Part of the advantage that Brooks has over brands like Nike, Adidas, etc. is that they develop equipment solely for running. For people looking to buy their first pair of “real” running shoes, I always urge purchasing a pair of Brooks. I personally used to run in older versions of the Trance and loved it. $150 Click here to buy
Minimalist running shoe: Newton Gravity

You’ve probably heard a lot lately about natural or minimalist running. Though these look nothing like the Vibram Five Fingers that most people associate with this trend, the Gravity is definitely considered one of the best minimalist shoes out there. Action/Reaction technology makes for a great running experience if you’re well-versed in natural running. Though they’re super pricey, they are just as durable. Gravity running shoes and are extremely capable of lasting hundreds of miles more than most running shoes (usually you are supposed to get new shoes after 300-500 miles). I run in these now, and I’m not sure I’ll ever go back to a traditional running shoe.”

$175 Click here to buy

*Here is a example of what a overpronated runner is
Martin Mata, works as an Production Assistant for Capsule Production Assistant for Bpmw-Agency
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