Menswear Essentials: Alfred Sargent Footwear

Menswear Essentials: Alfred Sargent Footwear

Alfred Sargent from Stable Media on Vimeo.

Alfred Sargent has been in the shoemaking business in England 1899, so basically their heritage speaks volumes over how they’ve perfected their craft over time. Whilst making pieces of art for your feet, they managed to give the world a peek inside their Portland Road factory (the same factory they’ve been using for almost 100 years. After witnessing the care and love that goes into each pair of hand-crafted shoes you will want to be apart of this lineage—well we’ve got great news! The online retailer A Fine Pair Of Shoes is have an amazing markdown on their collection Alfred Sargent Footwear ranging from desert boots to brogue boots. Go and be passionate about your footwear and catch your pair of hand crafted art before they’re all gone.